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Non-profit Organization In Bangladesh

WFH FOUNDATION is a Non-profit Organization in Bangladesh which is working to remove illiteracy, to make every people aware about their rights, and increasing awareness about child marriage with difrent charitable activities in Bangladesh. It also aims to ensure every human being’s participation in blood donation and make people aware about disease.

WFH FOUNDATION has four individual dept. including four individual teams which are governed by Dept. Head.

1) Dept. of Education: 75% of students only read academic books. Most of them never read story books or they hardly know about literature which is a crying need for enlightening the human mind or outlook. Education dept. is collecting books for a library named “BOIBARI” and it distributes books among the students from class three to class nine. Students who had no goal or plan for their future, are starting to think maturely and they make an aim for their career.

2) Dept. of Awareness: Lack of awareness is one of the root reasons for many problems. The Dept. of Awareness is doing regular workshops to increase public awareness. At present, it’s working for stopping child marriage.

3) Dept. of Health & Blood: Can a human being imagine his body without blood? Or is it possible to make it by machine? Ans. Is it? Blood can be needed for anyone, anytime. Dept. of Health & Blood is working for manage blood donors for needy patients. Till now, it has managed almost 1000bag blood. This dept. always stand by the poor patient who has no one to take care of or has no money for treatment or buying medicine. Till now, it has helped more than 25 patients.

4) Dept. of Psychological Growth: Is there anyone who have never faced psychological problem like frustration, lack of Self Confidence, Anxiety, thinking about suicide, Depression, short tempered etc.? No, right? Even when people go through any problem for a long session, many times they become frustrated and lost their confidence which hampered their personal and professional life and they think about suicide. Dept. of Psychological Growth has a group named “Jibon Sundor” which started on 16th July, 2017 and has 22 member. This dept. arrange regular workshops on psychological issues. To make the members positive about life, it arranges regular trips to beautiful places in Bangladesh, watching movies in cinemas etc.



Why You Should Donate to WFH Foundation

1. WFH FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization in Bangladesh. We work for the disadvantaged and backward sections of the society. We try to find a permanent solution to their problems and difficulties. By donating to WFH FOUNDATION, you can stand by the disadvantaged and be a good work partner.

2. Small collaborations can bring big things together. A little donation for charity from you can change a person's life. Everyone's small collaboration can take the form of a big possibility. WFH FOUNDATION is committed to making the country and its people more efficient by utilizing the small contributions it receives from you.

3. You can play a special role in the education system by donating to the WFH FOUNDATION Education Department. WFH FOUNDATION undertakes various projects to keep students in school and keep them interested in learning. Which are very expensive. By donating to the Education Biv, you will be able to stand by the students who are the future and the prospects of the future.

4. By donating WFH Foundation's blood and health, you can indirectly save one person's life. The Department of Blood and Health is working to meet the demand for blood, to encourage people to donate blood and to prevent the death of patients due to lack of blood. In pursuit of that goal, WFH FOUNDATION Free conducts various seminars to raise awareness about blood group diagnosis, blood collection and blood donation. Which requires a lot of money. By donating to WFH FOUNDATION, you can make a big difference in saving human lives. 

5. WFH's Awareness Division is working to make people aware of the various problems and difficulties in society. It is possible to solve most of the problems of an understanding through awareness. To that end, WHF produces awareness-raising documentaries on society's problems, listens to people directly affected by the problem, and organizes various seminars. Through which people become aware and problems are removed from society. By donating to WFH FOUNDATION, you can solve various problems of the society and make people aware.

6. We have some proper plans, hardworking volunteers and a strong desire to do good for the society. With your grant we can combine these three things, then we can move the work forward according to our plan. I will be able to work for the betterment of the society and the people in a bigger, tidy and beautiful way.

7. Originally WFH FOUNDATION was a youth dependent organization. Huge youth fair of youth here. It is possible for a young person to do something groundbreaking. It is possible to make a big change in the country and the nation through the cooperation of the youth. You can play a big role in the development of the society by joining hands with the youth through donations to WFH.



Be A Volunteer in WFH Foundation

WFH Foundation conducts activities through 4 individual departments.
1) Dept of Education
2) Dept of Awareness
3) Dept of Health & Blood
4) Dept of Psychological Growth

There are more than 300+ registered volunteers in 13 districts of Bangladesh under these 4 departments. Those who are working relentlessly with WFH Foundation in the service of the country and the people. You can be one of them if you want. Even if the organization can't give you much, it can give you human peace of mind.

Conditions and qualifications to be a volunteer
1. Must have the mentality of voluntary labor and be interested in working for the country and the people.
2. Must be loyal to the organization.
3. No work responsibilities will be imposed on you. If you are interested you will be given the job of your choice. You have to fulfill your responsibilities properly.
4. Volunteers in Dhaka must be present in the office at the monthly meeting. If for any reason the date of the meeting is not available, the volunteer coordinator should be informed.
5. You will not be forced to attend any of the organization's programs. Time and opportunity can come.
6. Time will tell. Meetings and programs must actually arrive on time.
7. Must be at least 16 years old.


Volunteer benefits
1. Each volunteer will receive a t-shirt, ID card and certificate. (Conditions apply)
2. Active volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in various national and international seminars, workshops and conferences.
3. Super Active Volunteers may be promoted.
4. Each year two volunteers will be awarded the "Volunteer of the Year" award.


28/1, B Sanatangar, Hazaribag, Dhaka-1209
Phone : +8801794013834, +8801816656455


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